How to create responsive websites in HTML5 and CSS3

Build responsive websites in HTML5 and CSS3

HTML5 and CSS3 is a complete and high quality video lecture course which can teach you about creating responsive websites step by step from scratch just by using HTML5 and CSS3. Creating a website is easy but I will teach you about creating not only good looking websites but also mobile friendly and 100% responsive websites with cool technique and the easiest way we will use the best tips and tricks to design an amazing website.

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HTML5 and CSS3 Build Responsive Website

First Section Learn HTML5

The first section of this course can teach you HTML5 from basic to advance after completing this section you can work as a HTML developer you can create any kind of structure for any kind of websites you can write an article and give some basic style to that article, you can insert image and videos inside you webpage, you can create links, you can create menus and much more if you are new to HTML this section is important for you but if you have some basic knowledge in HTML again you must take this section but if you are an expert in HTML you can skip this section without wasting your time.

Second Section Learn CSS3

Now that you have learned HTML5 it’s time to learn some CSS to add beauty to your website in this section you will learn all about CSS3 basic to advance as we all know that HTML is incomplete without CSS by using HTML we can create a basic layout but if we use HTML and CSS together we can create a modern real world responsive website that ever works on any devices like mobile, tablet and pc.

Third Section Let’s Create Some Basic Projects

Inside this section we are going to create some basic projects because we have learned HTML5 and CSS3 no we can use this two program together to create projects like Horizontal Menu, Drop down Menu and Image Gallery with light box effect. I know this projects are basic but if you want to be an expert you need to start from basic things after completing this section we have another section for creating modern responsive websites so this is not the last section we have a long journey to complete this course and we will discuss every single things that you need to learn just wait and see.

Lets’ Create Modern Responsive Website

In this section you will learn how to code a real world web project you are not going to create just a website but you are also learning how to code and kind of real world responsive websites after completing this section you will be able to create your own wish website watch all the videos from start to the end and don’t forget that we are going to complete totally responsive website in this section you will learn about creating responsive website from basic to advance step by step from scratch.

Learn how to create responsive website!

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