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Things are being changed if we talk about windows now a days people are using windows 10 if we go a while back in 2012 people was used window xp, window seven something like this the same procedure we have for other devices like mobile and computers the same thing we have inside software development before there was php 5.1, 5.2,3,4 but today we have the latest version of php version 7.0 it’s necessary to move with the time nothing is stoppable even software’s that’s why I have created the complete & latest course of “php & mysqli” for my students & it’s totally free anyone who want to learn php & mysqli they can take this course & learn you cannot find a free course in this quality this course is a suggested course which specially I have created because my students they have asked me for creating this course.

php and mysqli complete guide

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What is php?

  • PHP was Created in 1994 by Rasmus Lerdorf,
  • PHP Stands For “Hyper Text Pre-Processor”
  • PHP is a server side scripting language
  • PHP is a web programming language
  • PHP is used to create web applications
  • PHP is used to create dynamic websites

What is mysqli?

  • MySQLi is an open-source relational database management system
  • MySQLi is an improved version of MySQL
  • MySQLi is used to store text information
  • MySQLi is used to create database and table

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What will you learn from this course?

This is a course which can teach you all the important of php & mysqli inside this course first we will cover php the 22 lecture which we have inside “php” after completing this 22 lecture we will start learning “mysqli” with 9 lecture that we have to cover “mysqli” after covering this two course we will start working on 3 different projects that we have inside this course & at the end of this course we have a last video lecture to introduce (oop) object oriented programming but it’s only a single video lecture.

  • Introduction to PHP & MySQLi
  • Basic PHP Tutorials (22 Lectures)
  • Basic MySQLi Tutorials (9 Lectures)
  • Creating a Calculator (2 Lectures)
  • Creating a Currency Converter (2 Lectures)
  • Creating Online Voting System (3 Lectures)
  • Introduction to OOP in PHP

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php and mysqli complete guide

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