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Originally developed and coded by John Resig and worked on by a dedicated team of jQuery evangelists ever since, jQuery is a fast and compact JavaScript library that allows simplified usage of DOM traversal and modification, event handling and AJAX as well as giving us more selectors to work with and some nice effects and animations. With jQuery we can write concise powerful code which would take many lines of JavaScript code to achieve the same results. JQuery also positively encourages separation of concerns so there is no adulteration of the mark-up when using this powerful library

JQuery was born to overcome the biggest issues of JavaScript

Over the years, JavaScript has also evolved but we should be thankful for the fact that modern browsers are also becoming more and more standard-compliant. JQuery is still a powerful library and it can still reduce your efforts for client-side programming.

The aim of this post is not to discourage your use of JavaScript, but rather to give you an insight into how jQuery can help to solve simple tasks compared to JavaScript. JQuery can help in reducing the lines of code and your efforts, lessen cross-browser compatibility issues, result in faster development, and it makes AJAX calls and animations dead simple. To start with, we’ll take a look at the most basic requirements like selecting elements on the page by their ID, class, and tag name and then we will look at some complex examples. Let’s dive in!

jquery advanced tutorial waheedacademy

Important about jquery

A basic knowledge of HTML & css is recommended when learning jQuery. If you’re new to HTML & css, you might wish to take a look at this HTML5 &CSS3 Complete Course before proceeding.

What you will learn inside this course?

We will start from basic & it is continued till the end first you will learn how you can download & implement jquery then we will look for learning this jquery advanced tutorial you will learn every single points which is inside jquery this is a complete jquery advanced tutorial course which can give you advanced skill of jquery inside this course you will learn how to work on live project how to use selector, jquery object and other elements which we have inside jquery this course is complete course for the beginners & advanced level student if you have the basic knowledge of jquery then this course will take your skill in advance level rather if you are new to jquery then this course will teach you all the concept

Other advantages of jQuery are:

No need to learn fresh new syntax to use JQuery knowing simple JavaScript syntax is enough

Simple and cleaner code, no need to write several lines of code to achieve complex functionality

Write less do more with jQuery to create animation for web pages and add dynamic to your website

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jquery advanced tutorial waheedacademy




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