How to create image slider in JavaScript

Creating image slider with JavaScript is very easy if you are going to follow the same steps that we suggest you. There are many image slider on internet image slide with jquery, image slider with bootstrap and with many more programs but with this tutorial I will show you about creating image slider just by using JavaScript, html and some css. For creating image slider with JavaScript you don’t need to have knowledge in html and css because we will code the image slider project from the very basic to the ending point with the well explanation so don’t worry and start creating the project right now.

image slider in JavaScript

How to create image slider in JavaScript: #1 way

You have the complete code for the JavaScript image slider project below you can copy and paste the code in the code editor that you are using and that’s not all put the images with the same name and same format in the same folder that you have saved the image slider project. No matter if you don’t have the same images you can use different images for you image slider but the name must be same or even you can change the name from the code editor if you have some knowledge of html and css.

<! — Image slider in JavaScript starting point –>

<!DOCTYPE html>



<title>JavaScript Image Slider</title>



.slider{width: 80%; height: 700px; margin: 0 auto;}

.slider h2{background: black; color: white; text-align: center;}

.slider img{width: 100%; height: 600px;}



<div class=”slider”>

<h2>JavaScript Image Slider Project</h2>


<img src=”1.jpg” id=”first-image”/>




var images = [












var i=0;

function slide(){

document.getElementById(“first-image”).src = images[i];










<!–Image slider in JavaScript starting point –>

How to create image slider in JavaScript: #2 way

You can watch the video for better understanding of creating image slider in JavaScript step by step from start to the end. I have explained every single points on creating this image slider projects we will start coding our project from the very basic structure of html, we will insert the image using html and we will use some css to design our image slider with good looking then in final step we will use some JavaScript to add dynamic to this project for complete details about this project watch the videos below.

Image slider in JavaScript Watch the Video

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