How to Get Payoneer MasterCard in Pakistan?

Payoneer MasterCard

As a freelancer it’s important to have a payoneer MasterCard in Pakistan having payoneer MasterCard will help you to receive and send payment easily with lowest cost to any companies by following this tutorial you will learn how to order and get payoneer master card right everywhere in Pakistan

Payoneer MasterCard in pakistan

What is payoneer MasterCard?

Payoneer is a company in United States of America which is providing for all its user around the world an international master cad that can be use anywhere in the world if you are searching for a MasterCard which should offer online purchasing and ecommerce facility then payoneer MasterCard is the absolute solution for all this.
Now you can get payoneer MasterCard at your door step just without any fee and after the use of $100 through your payoneer MasterCard you will get $25 bonus free if you sign up through our signup link
Payoneer is a 100% secure US worldwide company so no need hesitate using this its worldwide free service, after registration of your payoneer MasterCard it will be delivered to your home address without any charges The card can be used to make purchases or withdraw cash worldwide where MasterCard is accepted You can withdraw your money through Payoneer MasterCard® from any ATM in Pakistan, Bangladesh and India payoneer is available in 210 countries Pakistan The additional advantage of Payoneer is that you can use a US bank account for receiving payments from anywhere. So it means that you can Use your Payoneer account for receiving payments from more than 800 US based companies yes this is totally correct.

How to Order Payoneer MasterCard?

As we all know that PayPal is not working in Pakistan, no problem we have another solution for this it’s called Payoneer MasterCard, because you can receive payment from the most of the companies in the world by using Payoneer now if you have decided to have a payoneer MasterCard then you may simply go to payoneer website in order to create an account & order a card but I will give you a direct link from where you can join payoneer and get $25 bonus after receiving of your card you need to activated the card and after the activation of the card when you receive a payment of at least $100 US dollar
Click on the photo you see below
Ok now it’s the time to fill all the details correctly & accurately, especially enter the correct address of your home or office the place where you want to receive your payoneer MasterCard, so you can receive your order MasterCard on time please make sure to provide 100% correct address for receiving the Payoneer MasterCard If you did not receive the card on time then contact Payoneer live chat support, so they will send you another card.

Order Now & Earn $25 Bonus

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How to Activate MasterCard?

That’s pretty good news!!! You have got your MasterCard. Now it’s time to activate it. To do so follow the below steps.
1) Log into your payoneer account
2) Click on the activate button which you can see in dashboard view
3) Enter your 16 digit card number which you can see on the front of your card
4) Choose a 4 digit secret code for your payoneer MasterCard which will be your secret code and keep the secret code save in a document and don’t share it with anyone else
5) Click on the activate button & you are done
Watch the video & learn the full process

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