How to create blogger in a minute?

What is Blogger?

It is a free publishing platform run by Google it’s very easy to use so writers can easily upload content on their blog via email, Google plus and other programs Blogger have a good support team incase if you find any kind of difficulty with your blogger creating blogger is as easy as drinking water the only think you need is a Google account or you can say Gmail for creating blogs you need to sign-in with your Gmail in to website and just click to create a new blogger user can sign-up for a maximum of 100 blogs per account and they can customize the blogs with predesigned templates blogger was developed by Pyra Labs which was bought by Google in 2003 the way of working is the same like WordPress website you can create post inside the post you have to upload photos and videos and it has plugins, widgets you can update your template it’s awesome it’s wonderful the best thing is it’s totally free you will not spend a single bit of money on this  there is unlimited best design template that you can use any of them incase if you want to add something new or you want to edit that template there is widgets by the name of HTML/JavaScript which allows you to add you own code inside the template

You can use blogger on mobile devices.

Now you can download the blogger app from play store of your mobile user can post user can edit the blog, share photos and links blogger through their mobile devices

What we have inside this course?

Inside this course you will learn all about the blogger how you can create blogs how you can choose template editing of template the best way of creating post how you can customize your template how you can add your on code inside template you will learn blogger in advance level I will teach you some important tips in SEO (Search Engine Optimization) at the end of this course we will discuss about how we can do the SEO of your blogs which is very important to come in search engine in Google console after completing this course you will be able to work on WordPress website they both have the same dashboard if you can work on blogger dashboard then you can work on WordPress dashboard also

Blogger can be used for everything from expressing your thoughts, opinions, and ideas to sharing pictures, videos, and much more. This course will introduces you to the dynamic features and tools Blogger has to offer. In just a couple of hours, you will learn how to set up an account, create your first blog, and effortlessly integrate text, video, and graphics. You will then continue on to discover how to add links to your blog as well as optimize your settings. Getting started with Blogger couldn’t be easier with this online course. You will learn how to download any template and change the current template with custom template after completing this course you can create any kind of blog.

You can find the complete course of blogger below by clicking on the red button

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