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How to create image slider in JavaScript

Creating image slider with JavaScript is very easy if you are going to follow the same steps that we suggest you. There are many image slider on internet image slide with jquery, image slider with bootstrap and with many more programs but with this tutorial I will show you about creating image


How to create currency converter in php

Currency converter in php Now that you have decided to learn how to create a currency converter in php this is your good luck because you are in right place & you have the exact tutorial which can teach you about creating currency converter in php creating currency converter is very easy


How to create simple calculator in php

Simple calculator in php Creating a simple calculator in php is as easy as drinking water now that you have decided to learn how to create a simple calculator in php “congratulation” you are in right place with the right tutorial with this tutorial you will learn how to create a calculator


Learn to create voting system in php & mysqli

What is online voting system? It’s an online tools which can guide user to vote for their favorite personality it depend on which category you are going to create this online voting system you can create on football on cricket & it can be on film stars so people who they love


Php & mysql web development tutorial – learn php and mysql

Introduction Things are being changed if we talk about windows now a days people are using windows 10 if we go a while back in 2012 people was used window xp, window seven something like this the same procedure we have for other devices like mobile and computers the same thing we